What you do not experience and are not taught in the classical therapist training!

Eliminate self-doubt as a therapist and manage your daily work routine with ease

... cope with everyday life in therapy without self-doubt and burnout

Become specifically prepared for professional life as a therapist in just a few weeks instead of being overwhelmed and having to cope with everyday life. My offered self-awareness complements the classical therapist training with crucial aspects of personal management.

You will achieve these advantages in our coaching

Are you a therapist or in training and feeling overwhelmed?

Do you want to get through your tasks more professionally? Then you're not alone. Therapist training often suffers from a lack of practical experience and in-depth self-awareness that helps prospective therapists get to know themselves better. Due to deficits in personal training, many therapists start their careers with professional and personal deficits. Many therapists feel completely overwhelmed by the daily tasks and quickly develop self-doubt. Self-confidence decreases with the experience that one's own abilities are not sufficient and that one is confronted daily with the consequences of a lack of training. In the long run, this often leads to burnout in therapists and the need for therapy themselves to get all the problems back under control.

This is exactly where my coaching intervenes. Because we know:

"You can only give what you have and pretend to be like yourself."

Your coach for deep self-awareness
Dr. Daniel Zeiß

Good day,

my name is Dr. Zeiß and I help doctors and psychologists in training to become therapists and trained therapists to cope with the emotional challenges. The goal is to achieve a deeper understanding of oneself for better results in therapy with patients and to manage the tasks as a therapist more easily and professionally.

I myself have experienced self-awareness in different methods, including two trauma therapy methods and the self-awareness of the official psychotherapy training. I have noticed in these methods of the general, official training how superficial they often are. This is then reflected in the quality of the therapy and in the therapy results. Many colleagues struggle with so many personal issues that the patient is more of a disturbing factor. Therefore, I offer my knowledge and accumulated experience in a profound self-awareness for my colleagues.

Reflection is the key to the successful Therapists

This reflection away from the superficial mechanisms you will learn in my self-awareness in individual sessions or group sessions. I offer self-awareness and supervision for physicians and psychologists in which you...

    • Relaxation exercise
    • Dissolve emotions
    • Achieve thought stillness and appease the Inner Critic
    • Achieve inner peace
    • Reduce aggressiveness
    • Dealing with suicidal patients in acute situations
    • Reduction of the burden of night services
      • e.g. reduction of heart palpitations when the service phone rings

    • Heat
    • Acceptance
    • Respect
    • Loyalty
    • Congruence
    • Empathy
    • Transparency

    • Paraphrase
    • Verbalize
    • Explicate
    • in-depth questions

    • Peak States
    • Inner Unity
    • Schema Therapy
    • ACT
    • EFT
    • Intuitive therapy

    have been shown.

Case study

A client of mine was a doctor who frequently oversteps his own boundaries. He says of himself that he

  • Be too empathetic and direct,
  • Often notices how irritable he becomes,
  • Be emotionally reactive and temperamental in action,
  • Quickly become quick-tempered,
  • Even quickly disappointed and
  • Have a low frustration tolerance.

In addition, he is plagued by many negative emotions. He is very exhausted from night duty because he feels very exploited. In therapy, he is too direct and lets his feelings out, experiencing himself as little professional.

Nevertheless, he enjoys his job a lot, although he feels on the verge of burnout and has even been sick to get some distance from work. He sometimes feels listless and has problems with his family, and also receives negative feedback from colleagues.

This is how the self-awareness with me works

The seminar takes place online. This makes you very flexible and allows you to plan your self-awareness exactly as your work and circumstances allow. This is the schedule for the self-awareness:

  • Allow 2 hours per week
  • Arrange free 30 minutes consultation
  • Fill out questionnaire
  • Schedule appointments online
  • Begin the journey to yourself.
  1. 12 start sessions individual self experience in double lessons
    Single hour (50min) (analog GOÄ 870A, 2,3x)
    EUR 100.55
  1. Group sessions in double lessons
    with 4 to 8 people
    Single hour(50min) (analog GOÄ 871A, 2,3x)
    EUR 20,10 per participant
  1. Self-awareness
    Individual sessions or group sessions of 50 minutes each (according to GOÄ870A or GOÄ871A, 2.3x)

The self-awareness offered here is

  • a coaching service for people without mental illness
  • does not replace therapy training in the classical sense, but is an additional offer in addition to this
  • uses methods that are scientifically validated and method, partly from the most current research, which have not yet been recognized or scientifically published and published