Before psychotherapy can begin, a physical examination and a statement from the treating primary care physician, neurologist or psychiatrist is required.

Medical certificate of urgency

Patients with statutory health insurance who wish to undergo psychotherapy with a psychotherapist who is established in a private practice and does not participate in the statutory health insurance scheme require, among other things, a "certificate of urgency".

This "certificate of urgency" is part of the forms required to apply for reimbursement from the statutory health insurance. The "certificate of urgency" is filled out by the general practitioner, neurologist or psychiatrist. It certifies that it is unreasonable for the patient to wait longer for a psychotherapy place.

Waiting periods and reimbursement by the statutory health insurance fund

Document calls to 3-5 therapists licensed by health insurers and their waiting times for an initial consultation and for a possible start of therapy. Addresses and telephone numbers of therapists approved by panel doctors can be found at the Association of Panel Doctors in your state.